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ZenMate Checker By MR PrinceX

Very similar to every other checker of similar nature, this ZenMate Checker By MR PrinceX, serves It's purpose quite well. Looking at the tool's Interface, It's usage Is pretty much self-explanatory, hence no need to go Into too much detail. In my experience, It's quite fast, but do note that there's no proxy support. On the upside, you have the choice to check for only premium accounts by selecting that very option.

Amazon Email Checker

This Amazon Email Checker does precisely that- checks for valid emails against the said account. The tool Is very easy to use, by simply pasting your combo In the Input field as highlighted In the Image, and hitting the Test button thereafter. The successful hits are displayed within the tool Itself, as well as the Invalid entries. When cracking/checking accounts, be sure to run behind a good paid VPN.

Successbux Checker

In my experience of using this Successbux Checker quite a number of times, the rate at which It checks for authenticated logins, Is extremely fast. If you're Intending to use a community combo list, you're more or less wasting your time- grab yourself a private combo, and you'll be good to go. The results are displayed In the tool, and It also automatically saves them to a folder where the tool Is executed from.

IQ Option Account Checker

Almost each and every tool released by X-Slayer, Is presented by the same Interface, such as the proxy support for all major protocols, good & bad hits returned within the tool Itself, and the results folder to save successful hits. This IQ Option Account Checker Is sure to please, namely for It's speed and caliber In providing accurate login credentials against the combo list It's working with at the time.

Warface Checker By PA3PA6

At first glance, this Warface Checker may seem somewhat overwhelming In terms of navigating around It's features and options, namely due to It's foreign language, however It's really quite simple to use. In order of priority, there's the combo list to load, followed by the proxy list (all major protocols supported) and then the thread count. In plain English, It displays the good and bad hits, and also the number of errors received.

Gather Proxy 9.0

There's very little Introduction needed for this Gather Proxy tool, which does exactly as It's name Implies, grabs proxy lists from available online sources. The good thing about this tool, Is the array of options It has to choose from, such as a blacklist check, select proxies by country, solely gather SOCKS5 lists and the list goes on. It also displays the level of anonymity within the tool Itself, which Is an added bonus.

Keyword Creator v1.0

I'd say It's safe to assume, that judging by the Image alone, you can see exactly what this tool's purpose Is. As the name Implies, this Keyword Creator does exactly that- creates keywords that you can use to make a private combo list, that's dedicated against the account It's been compiled to crack. Once the keywords are generated, you can use It with a combo leecher, such as Slayer Leecher, which I find work quite well together.

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