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EZ Crack Tool v1.7

EZCrack Is a very powerful account cracking tool. With EZCrack you get a super speedy fast multi-threaded tool to crack different accounts like NetFlix, Spotify, HBO and many others. You only need a list of combos that will make EZCrack to work with account cracking. It’s very simple to use, by clicking a single button after everything has been configured. Get premium accounts of different platforms of your choice.

Netflix Checker v1.1

As with the majority of tools coded by Redeye, this Netflix Checker Is very stable and quite quick with It's overall checking rate. You can see In the Image, that all major proxy protocols are supported (HTTP/S, SOCKS4 & SOCKS 5), so when loading your proxy list, be sure to select the correct type via the drop-down menu. You also have the option to check for only premium accounts, by selecting that very checkbox.

Origin & Steam Brute Checker

It's not too often that you come across checkers of these account types, that're combined Into the one tool. This Origin & Steam Brute Checker, Is sure to please users who have the pleasure to utilize It. The checking rate Is extremely fast, with the results saved In the tool, as well as the 'Results' folder In the directory of where the checker Is executed. An added bonus, Is that It also displays accounts with games.

Toluna Brute Checker

Yet another fine tool by the developer named ShaOnKris, Is this Toluna Brute Checker that serves It's objective very well Indeed. As with the majority of the coder's tools, there's support for all major proxy protocols, as well as the option to not use one at all by selecting the 'No Proxy' radio button. The results (successful or otherwise), are saved In the same directory as the checker. Simply click on that very button (Result) to view In your favorite text editor.

NBA League Pass Checker

If you've used checkers and the like, that're developed by the coder named  RubiconT, you'd certainly know and appreciate the caliber of which they serve their purpose In obtaining successful hits. Of course, a given checker's capacity In returning results, Is only as good as the combo It's working with, so be sure to use a private combo list and to maximize the hits, load a fresh/elite proxy list as well.

Woxy Email Checker

Unlike the majority of similar checkers, this Woxy Email Checker uses the CLI (Command Line Interface) to check If emails are In fact registered with certain online entities, such as Facebook, Amazon, Apple and so forth. As you can see In the Image, the tool Is very easy to use by simply loading your domain list, configs as well as a combo file. Provided you've entered everything correctly, valid hits will be returned.

Domino's USA Accounts Checker

We all want free pizza, and what better way to get It by cracking accounts using this Domino's USA Accounts Checker. As with all tools coded by RubiconT, It performs exceptionally well with very minimal loss of functionality. The checking rate Is also quite Impressive, with the successful logins (hits) and failed login attempts, both displayed In the tool Itself. You also have the option to stop the checking process at any time.

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