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Instagram Brute Checker

Although this Instagram Brute Checker Is different to the one coded and released by X-Slayer, It's still very effective In It's own way. It allows you to change the password, mail, phone number, check Information pertaining to subscribers and the list goes on. As with every tool/checker provided on this blog, always execute It In a VM or Sandboxie. Use any of the direct download links below to grab this tool.

Proxy Buddy v1.5

The capacity of a given checker to obtain authenticated logins and valid hits, Is only as good as the combo and proxy list It's working with at the time, If you already have a private/fresh combo, then you're only halfway there. You must also have a working proxy list and this Proxy Buddy tool, will help you obtain/scrape new proxies with Incredible ease. As always, be sure to execute It In a controlled environment.

SweGen PayPal Invoice Generator 3.0

As It's name Implies, this SweGen PayPal Invoice Generator does precisely that- generates PayPal Invoices. Even If you've never used a tool like this, you'll have no Issues navigating around Its features and options. Inclusive In the download, are files suited to the Mac OS X, as well as templates for UK, USA, Sweden and Holland. Do use this tool responsibly, and be sure to execute In a controlled environment.

MultiRDP Checker v1.0

Upon looking at the Image above, this tool Is pretty much self-explanatory, hence there's no need to elaborate on It's overall usability. Simply load your combo and proxy list, select the number of threads and mark the checkboxes of your choice. The good thing about this checker, Is that It displays the results In the tool's Interface. Be sure to execute In a controlled environment, such as Sandboxie or a VM.

Netflix Gift Card Checker

If you're unaware of what a Netflix Gift Card Is, then you shouldn't be reading this post! This Netflix Gift Card Checker, does precisely that by simply loading your combo list (be sure It's private), as well as a proxy list, select the number of threads and hit the Start button. The other options pretty much speak for themselves, hence there's no need to elaborate. Use any of the direct download links below to grab this tool.

AntiPublic Checker v1.0

Those who're not familiar with the term "anti public" pertaining to a given checker, It simply means that It checks the combo list that you've loaded Into the tool, to see whether the accounts are public or private. If It's the latter (private), then the quality Is a lot better, hence the greater the chance of successful hits. This AntiPublic Checker works via the CLI, and Is quite stable and responsive. Be sure to execute It In a VM.

Olgas Giftcard Generator

One of the good things about this Olgas Giftcard Generator, Is It's simplicity and ease of use. If you've never used a tool of this nature before, It will not take too long to work out It's overall functionality. As with all crack tools and the like, It's always good practice to execute In a controlled environment- VM, Sandboxie or otherwise. Use any of the links below to direct download the tool.

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