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Gokano Accounts Checker

As opposed to the majority of tools coded by X-Slayer, this Gokano Accounts Checker Is In fact proxy-free, meaning you simply load your combo list, select the number of threads and hit the Start button. I'm at a loss as to why the 'Proxy Type' option Is there to begin with, but as you can see In the Image, It's grayed out hence not functional. Obviously, It checks for authenticated logins against gokano(dot)com

Pornhub Accounts Checker v1.0.0

This Pornhub Accounts Checker v1.0.0, Is one of the older tools developed by the coder named Kidux, but nonetheless, still serves It's purpose quite well. As with all checkers of this nature, the procedure to use the tool, Is very similar. Load your proxy & combo list, select the thread count and simply hit the Start button thereafter. You also have the option to save the successful hits to a folder of your choice.

Redeye's Zenmate Cracker

There are quite a number of ZenMate crackers and checkers floating around the net, but not too many match the speed and functionality of this Redeye Zenmate Cracker. Provided you have a private/fresh combo list loaded, you're guaranteed to receive successful hits. The results are returned In the tool Itself, and at the end of the cracking process, you also have the option to save them to a folder of your choice.

Hotspot Shield Account Checker

Although not as popular as other VPNs such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN and Private Internet Access, this Hotspot Shield Account Checker Is certainly worthy of obtaining hits. As with most tools coded by X-Slayer, a proxy list must be used, otherwise loss of functionality will be experienced. The results are displayed within the tool's Interface, and you have the option to save them to a folder of your choice.

ProxyGrab v0.6

In order to crack accounts using checkers that have proxy support, a fresh proxy list Is of the utmost Importance. This ProxyGrab tool, allows you to do just that with Incredible ease. It also has the ability to divide proxies Into several countries. Looking at It's Interface pretty much says It all, so those who've used tools of this type, will have no Issues navigating around It's options and features.

Stoned 4Shared Cracker

One of the most popular file hosting websites that's been around since 2005, namely 4shared(dot)com, Is still going strong and widely used nowadays. This Stoned 4Shared Cracker, checks for authenticated logins against the combo list It's working against. The "Load Base" button Is where you actually load your combo, and the results are displayed within the tool Itself. Do note, that there's no proxy support.

CyberGhost Accounts Checker v1.0

Irrespective of your computing habits, to help protect your online activity, you should always run behind a VPN. As such, this CyberGhost Accounts Checker that's coded by Kidux, does the job pretty well In checking and obtaining hits against the said account. The tool Is pretty much self-explanatory, hence no need to go Into detail. Be sure to use a private combo list, as well as a fresh/elite proxy list.

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