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Minecraft Account Checker

As opposed to other checkers of the same type, such as the one released by the coder named Redeye, this Minecraft Checker not only serves It's purpose quite well, but Is extremely fast. The successful hits are displayed In the tool, as well as saving them to the same directory where the tool Is executed. As you can see by the Image, It does not have proxy support, so simply load your combo list and hit the Start button.

IPTV Stream Checker

This IPTV Stream Checker, Is somewhat different In terms of Its overall usage compared to other tools of similar nature. As opposed to using a combo list, as you can see In the Image, It works by simply coping & pasting the URL Into the tool Itself. You also have the option to enter a proxy list, as well as selecting Turbo, Normal mode and the Timeout period. Be sure to run this In a virtual machine.

UPlay API Cracker v3.0

There are quite a number of options and settings that this UPlay API Cracker entails, hence It's beyond the scope of this post to elaborate on the lot. Once you've configured your selection, be sure to load a good combo list with dupes removed, then select the thread count as well as the time out session and hit the Start button thereafter. You also have the choice to pause the cracking process at any time, by hitting that very (Pause) button.

Netflix Checker v0.3

This Netflix Checker v0.3, functions just like any other Netflix checker of similar nature, with the only difference being the option to pause and reset the process by selecting the respective buttons. The combo list, must be In the form of an email & password combination and In terms of the proxy list, all major protocols are supported. Be sure to execute this tool In a controlled environment, such as a VM.

Instagram Brute Checker

Although this Instagram Brute Checker Is different to the one coded and released by X-Slayer, It's still very effective In It's own way. It allows you to change the password, mail, phone number, check Information pertaining to subscribers and the list goes on. As with every tool/checker provided on this blog, always execute It In a VM or Sandboxie. Use any of the direct download links below to grab this tool.

Proxy Buddy v1.5

The capacity of a given checker to obtain authenticated logins and valid hits, Is only as good as the combo and proxy list It's working with at the time, If you already have a private/fresh combo, then you're only halfway there. You must also have a working proxy list and this Proxy Buddy tool, will help you obtain/scrape new proxies with Incredible ease. As always, be sure to execute It In a controlled environment.

SweGen PayPal Invoice Generator 3.0

As It's name Implies, this SweGen PayPal Invoice Generator does precisely that- generates PayPal Invoices. Even If you've never used a tool like this, you'll have no Issues navigating around Its features and options. Inclusive In the download, are files suited to the Mac OS X, as well as templates for UK, USA, Sweden and Holland. Do use this tool responsibly, and be sure to execute In a controlled environment.

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