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We at, are dedicated in providing non-malicious fake tools that have been privately coded, and are not available via commercial sources on the net. You will find that each and every tool contributed on this site, is unique to the individual(s) who are responsible for creating the tool.

NOTE: We are now providing fully functional crack tools and the like. Please read the Our Files section for more details.

Full credit goes out to the authors and creators of the tools, too many to mention, you know who you are. Without you, this site will not be in existence, hence we at sincerely appreciate the availability of the tools on our site.

Given the nature of the tools and the methodology used to create them, some Antivirus software may alert, indicating possible malware. This is what's known as a 'false positive' detection. While we cannot guarantee the content and integrity of each and every file available here at, for this reason alone, we strongly recommend using a Virtual Machine or Sandboxie prior to executing files on a host physical system.

Please report any broken links using the 'Contact' form, and we shall rectify the problem at our very earliest convenience.

We advise you to read the content supplied in our 'Privacy Policy', to give you a better understanding of how we operate, therefore your navigation experience within our site will remain in an informed manner.

We trust you will enjoy the content provided herein at, and we look forward to serving all your fake crack tools needs.

Popular posts from this blog

PayPal Account Checker

There's very little Introduction needed on what this tool's objective is all about. Almost every online user who meets the age requirement, will have a PayPal account at some point during their computing experience. Simply put, this PayPal Account Checker tests for valid login combinations against paypal(dot)com, and the successful hits are returned in the tool's input field. There is no option to use a proxy list, so running behind a VPN is vital. As with every crack tool of this type, always use a fresh combo list.

PayPal Brute Checker

Of all PayPal checkers and bruteforce tools that I've tested, this PayPal Brute Checker would have to be one of the most complex In terms of the available features and options. It's beyond the scope of this post to mention the functionality of the lot, so do take the time to familiarize yourself with each one, prior to using the tool. It works the same as any other tool, by way of loading your proxy and combo list and hitting the "Start" button.

Pastebin Slayer Leecher

When using a given account checker, it's ability to perform it's task and return successful hits, is only as good as the combo list it's working with at the time. If you load one that's saturated and contains an array of dupes, don't expect too many successful results. That's where this Pastebin Slayer Leecher comes Into action. Simply put, you can obtain fresh combos by using private/dedicated keywords relative to the account(s) you wish to crack.

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