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Why Pink?

So you've landed on during your online navigation, and probably wondered "what's with the pink theme? Of all colors to choose from, why pink?

Well, apart from It being my favorite color (which Is of no significance to you!), how many blogs of this nature have you come across utilizing this color scheme? Just as I thought- next to zero.

I've been creating blogs for close to 15 years, and the majority of hacking & cracking blogs entail the usual blue/gray/black combination, which Is pretty boring when you think about It.

That's what makes different from the rest- the content via no ads & "direct link downloads" as well as It's appearance.

Whether you like It or not, Is Immaterial to me. I'm here to provide you with a service that stands out from the rest, so enjoy what's on offer and (of course) my beautiful color combination.



  1. Your web site is so cuuuute I almost forgetting I'm doing something illegal :)


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